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UPCYCLEMN focus on Boomerang Bags, UPcycling ideas & to share resources

I saw the Boomerang Bag idea on Facebook in early January 2017 and decided to create a group in Northfield.  I started by talking with my library about the possibility of doing a fabric donation drive and a sewing bee to create bags for the library to use to start reducing the number of plastic bags available for patrons to use.  The Friends of the Library with the library supported this idea and helped my get a silk screen kit to start making Boomerang Bag pockets and off we went!

What is upcycling?

The concept of upcycling is to take a used or new item and creating something else out of it to keep it out of the trash.  One set of king size sheets with pillow cases can make all these "take-n-sew" kits?

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