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What is UPcycleMN?

My interest in fabrics and creating useful objects goes back to my junior high art classes where I was introduced to batik, macramé and weaving. I went on to major in Fiber Arts & Art History in college.  I also enjoy design, color, pattern and concern for the environment. Combining all these elements I began UPcycleMN in 2017 after retiring from many years at the Northfield Public Library.  

I collect fabric samples, upholstery remnants, malt bags, leather, resale shop's table cloths, curtains and other durable fabrics at little or no cost. With these supplies I currently create jeans jackets, Fab-baskets, table runners, bags & totes of all sizes and shapes.  I let the fabric and design lead me to a finished product.

I started the Northfield Boomerang Bag project that you can read about on the other pages.

What is upcycling?
The concept of upcycling is to take a used or new item and creating something else out of it to keep it out of the trash
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